Learning to code is the boom of the moment, it seems the solution to problems of unemployment and low income for many but the truth is that beyond that, it is an area where there are a lot of opportunities to continue growing if you take as a habit to train continuously.

     On one hand, indeed, we are far from having the number of programmers necessary to respond to the needs of this new era of knowledge and information. Although there are more and more stakeholders in the area every day, the demand is constant and growing. 

     Not all specialties are equally requested, but in all of them there are human resource deficits. What does this mean? Maybe the technology Industry doesn’t need a million programmers in FORTRAN, but some. Perhaps that number of people are requested if they master other languages, such as Python, Java, or JavaScript, but in any case the demand will not be satisfied, in the short and medium-term.

 On the other hand, there is a great advantage when learning to program, and is that it doesn’t matter much what language you start with, but the logic and skills that you will learn such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, among others.

     You will also see that programming requires effort, and that you will not succeed on the first attempt. This will build your character and prepare you for new challenges. You can start now writing your first few lines in Python, a simple syntax language, highly demanded, and versatile. You will be taking a firm step in building your future. INVEST IN YOU.